You are significant!

Egg + Sperm = new life

This equation is a biological law that does not change no matter the trend, orientation, tendency, or species.

New life requires part of a male and part of a female.

Often the deposit in this equation is the male’s “contribution.”  Then he’s done, usually revealed with a smile on his face…but that act makes you also responsible for a new life, too.

I wish to express the importance of father’s in the lives of their children.

Of course  Mothers have huge psychological and emotional impact…

but so do fathers.

You are significant.

It is you they need to know with tenderness and kindness.

You are the other half.

It is you that influences in a way quite unique and special than mother.

Take the time to make those connections with your child.

You help create life and your actions affect how that precious life will feel love and feel whole.


There is really nothing like a wonderful, attentive father to help contribute in shaping a healthy child in this world.

You cannot be replaced in your child’s life.



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