A Piece of Cake

You’re home with baby.

The first 24 hours go

pretty smoothly.


You think, “Hey, I’ve got this parenting thing…”

Around the 96th hour.

(maybe even before)

reality hits.

You are now thinking,

‘I’m beat and I’m done!’

Here is my philosophy:

Time with your child

is similar

to eating a delicious, gooey, rich, most dreamy piece

of chocolate cake.

Chocolate cake

Each bite makes your taste buds dance and it melts in your mouth.


You are so happy.

That is until

you start getting sick of it.

Piece of Chocolate Cake

That most delicious cake is now making you feel tired, and monotonous, and…

well, too much of a good thing.

(Not me! I am never sick of my baby like that!)

(Well, keep on eating, then….)

The rest of us do become sick of the very important child-time

(The chocolate cake)

and reach ultimate and complete torture-inflicted exhaustion.


There has got to be a few breaks from such gooey sticky goodness.

You are not alone in this.

And this is really key

because this could lead

to making some really bad or scary choices

because you were too tired or too sick IN the moment. (Way too much cake!)

Take that break!

You need to search out when you are not tired, support when you become too tired and need that break.

Your child needs your best self.

Not someone who becomes irrational or frightening because they have reached their limit and breaking point.

Remember, too much cake gets tiring to eat.

It’s the same with exhaustion with your sweet baby…



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