Cry Baby!

Fact: When you are in the biggest hurry, the most tired or hungry, or in a must-do-at-this-time circumstance is when your child will have that HORRID meltdown moment.

 It’s a given!

Have you ever heard anyone at the park or grocery store; or perhaps from your own mouth say, “Stop acting like a baby!” or “Stop being a cry baby!” or “Act your age!”

Well, guess what….

They are acting their age, they are a baby, and cry baby is actually a part of their recipe. It’s us that usually begins to regress when this happens.

It’s because we are so stinkin’ tired!

Being around children is for the brave at heart! Especially the ones who do it full time.

Yes, we love our own to pieces. But for heaven’s-sakes, it’s like that cake analogy, (big sigh inserted) an adult needs to have a break. A BIG break. Especially at these times.

Classy parents, I have witnessed acting unnaturally calm during these hellish tantruming moments, have acquired some kind of magic potion that whisks them off to a mental Caribbean Island as they “handle” their little tyke with calm and ease. It’s impressive.

I especially love the ones who are coyly asking to see if anyone wants a screaming child, for cheap as they walk out of the store.

Children are still considered children way past high school because of continuing brain growth and emotional development . So when you complain to your any age child they are being a cry baby, or acting like a baby it is their right. They are not adults. They can’t even think like one yet, even though we expect them to. And one really important thing to know is that crying is actually psychologically healthy; even for adults…

And name calling, well it is just going to hurt your child’s soul.

Plan ahead how you will act. 

  1. Count to ten fast over and over.

  2. Find a really goofy song and keep singing it to yourself. I love the chorus from “Sha-poopy” from the musical The Music Man.

  3. If you can leave your child to tantrum alone for a few moments, do it.

  4. When you feel the adrenaline build up grab something hard and squeeze it until your hands hurt and breathe slowly but do NOT shake your child.

  5. Keep that sense of humor. It will save your life with children.

  6. Hand your child to your partner and take a recess.

  7. Say NO gently but firmly and then stay silent and let your child have boundaries. Stick to your NO! Do not keep negotiating!!!!!!! 

  8. Tell them it is okay to cry it out but don’t give in. And give them boundaries so they do not hurt themselves or someone else.

  9. You will laugh but tantrumers hate it when you mimic them. They usually stop because they can see and hear what they are doing by looking at you. Scream and yell just like they are.

  10. Try whispering. Don’t yell. Even though it is the first response. It just builds the negative energy momentum like a pressure cooker of steam that is going to blow. That is why singing is good because it replaces that yell that is welling up in your throat ready to blast. Sing it baby!



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